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Advanced cosmetic procedures Eastwood Notts

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) For The Removal of Skin Blemishes
 at The Eastwood Retreat Beauty Salon Near Nottingham

Sometimes known as Advanced Electrolysis, Advanced Cosmetic Procedures use electro micro surgery for the safe and effective removal of common skin blemishes including thread veins, skin tags, milia and warts.

This popular, non-invasive treatment can rid you unsightly skin blemishes with minimal or no scarring using electrolysis.  Best known as a hair removal treatment, electrolysis was originally developed at the beginning of the 20th century to treat common skin blemishes.  The latest technological advances mean that today the skin specialists at The Eastwood Retreat can use ACP to deliver outstanding results on a wide range of conditions, offering blemish-free skin.

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How Do Advanced Cosmetic Procedures Work?

The treatment utilises a very fine probe through which a tiny electrical current is discharged, cauterising the blood vessels around the blemish, causing it to dry up and disappear.   After the treatment, the skin will begin its natural healing process.   The dead skin cells which were treated with the electrical current will eventually flake off in the same way that that a cut or graze heals.  In some cases the treated area may scab over and you can expect to see some redness after the initial treatment.

What Does Advanced Electrolysis Feel Like?

During the treatment you can expect to feel a mild stinging sensation, which patients report is slightly uncomfortable, but easily tolerable.

 What Skin Conditions Can Be Treated With Advanced Cosmetic Procedures?

Our fully trained skin specialists can treat a wide variety of cosmetic skin imperfections including the following:

The name originates from the Greek word meaning 'end vessel dilation’. Often referred to as ‘broken capillaries’, this condition is actually caused by permanently dilated capillaries.  There can be a number of contributory factors behind the appaearance of telangiectasia including: hereditary and genetic causes, pregnancy, ageing, hormones, general skin fragility, extreme sports, smoking, temperature extremes and harsh weather exposure.  They are very commonly seen in a English rose complexion on a more mature client. We recommend a course of advanced electrolysis for telangiectasia, with the treatments spaced out to allow for skin healing and to prevent hyper-pigmentation.  During treatment the probe is carefully positioned over the blood vessel the electrical current applied to the skin’s surface.  This causes that tiny section of vessel to disappear immediately. Treatment sessions are usually 15 minutes per cheek.
These bright red vascular blemishes are also known as Cherry Angioma and present themselves as slightly raised or dome shaped.   They are mostly seen on the trunk and tend to develop naturally as the skin ages.  Smaller ones will often disappear at the time of treatment but larger ones (50p size+) may need more than one treatment. 
Skin Tags are a common fibrous skin condition often found in areas of friction such as the armpits, under the breasts, groin or around the neck where necklaces or collars may irritate.  They often present with a neck like a mushroom and vary in size from a tiny speck to the size of a large pea or larger.  Whilst not infectious they can proliferate on individuals with some people suffering from hundreds of them.  Skin Tags are quickly and easily treated using advanced electrolysis, the problem in a safe and effective manner.   Different techniques may be used depending on the treatment area.  In the case of small tags (e.g. between the eyelashes) the heat generated by the probe may lift off the tag immediately.  For larger tags, the electrical current will be used to cut off the blood supply to the tag, resulting in it shrivelling and being sloughed off a day or two later.  We may also use tweezers to remove the tag after the electrical current has been applied.
Milia present themselves as small white keratin filled cysts and often show as hard, solid lumps lying superficially under the skin's surface.  Their exact cause is unknown although they are often related to diet with a high cholesterol count, excessive Vitamin C, too rich moisturising cream and are also associated with dry skin.  They are often found around the eyes.   They can be treated easily and gently with advanced electrolysis techniques, which gently dries them up so that the hard keratinised centre is broken down and this will then be absorbed by the skin following treatment. 
There are various types of warts, including flat (plane) raised (common) and verrucas (on the feet). They are benign but contagious (human papilloma virus) and all types can be treated successfully with ACP.  Seborrhoeic Keratosis classified as a type of wart, but it is not contagious.  Common on the face of older people, these blemishes are usually brown because of melanin and can be mistaken for moles.  They can be easily removed advanced electrolysis. Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra is a common disorder on black skin which develops in adolescence.  These are generally a very common disorder and the famous actor Morgan Freeman has many of these on his face. They are very easily and successfully treated using advanced electrolysis techniques.
Hairs from moles are easily treated by with advanced electrolysis techniques but more than one treatment may be required. The moles themselves can also be treated, but rather than removing them we are able to visibly reduce the size and appearance of the mole.   Please note that if you have any concerns about a mole you should consult your GP.   A doctor's note may be required before treatment.
Age Spots are caused by an accumulation of a pigment caused by the ageing of the skin's collagen producing cells. They are very common on the hands and face as we age.  Advanced Electrolysis can be used to lift and remove Age Spots.   Speak to your Eastwood Retreat skin specialist, who will advise you on the most appropriate treatment.  We also offer Skin Peels which can be a very effective alternative.
Syringomas are benign tumours presenting as flattish plates found around the eye socket area and are non-contagious flesh colour elevations of the skin. They range from 1–3 mm in diameter and are firm to the touch. They are easily treated with advanced electrolysis techniques.
Xanthomas are deposits of fatty material under the skin which can vary in size considerably. They are associated with a symptom of metabolic disorders such as diabetes or high cholesterol.  Commonly they can appear on the eyelids as flat yellowish growths close to the nose. They are painless and can be successfully treated with ACP.  More than one treatment is often required over a period of time.
This is a common condition of small white or slightly pink lumps on the skin.  It is a contagious virus and typically each molluscum lasts about 6-12 weeks, crusts over and then goes. New ones tend to appear as old ones fade as the virus spreads to other areas of skin. Therefore ‘crops’ appear and go for several months and it can take 12-18 months before the last goes completely.  Electrolysis can be used to dry out and remove the molluscum.
A sebaceous cyst is retention of keratin trapped under the surface of the skin trapped within a sebaceous sac which is created from skin cells. They are painless, slow-growing, small bumps or lumps that move freely under the skin. Sebaceous cysts are formed often due to swollen hair follicles, blocked glands, skin trauma and higher levels of testosterone in the body.  Electrolysis can be very effective at treating small cysts although results can vary.  Speak to your Eastwood Retreat therapist for more advice.

Is There Any Downtime After ACP?

You may see some redness and slight swelling for the first 24 hours after treatment.  You may also see some crusting and scabbing while the skin heals itself.  This usually lasts between 5 and 14 days.

After your treatment it's important to take care of your skin and not pick at any scabs or crusts.  You should wear SPF and keep your skin well moisturised.   You will be given full aftercare advice at your treatment.

Advanced Skin Treatments Eastwood Skin Clinic Nottingham

Advanced Skin Treatments at The Eastwood Retreat

At our Eastwood Beauty Salon our highly trained team offer a wide range of the latest advanced skin treatments.   These include Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy, which can transform your skin from within with a series of tiny injections of beneficial ingredients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids.   

We also offer eKseption skin peel treatments which are a proven way to improve your skin's tone and texture.  This safe and effective treatment involves the application of a special type of acid to the skin which will lower your skin’s pH, resulting in the exfoliation of dead skin cells which are no longer needed, while stimulating the growth of new skin cells.

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