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Achieve Smoother, Clearer Skin With Dermalux Tri-Wave MD LED Light Therapy
At The Eastwood Retreat Nottinghamshire Skin Clinic

Beautiful skin doesn't just happen by chance, but at our aesthetics clinic near Nottingham it is achievable for everybody with the very latest medical grade LED  skin treatments from  Dermalux Tri-Wave MD.

Multi-Award winning Dermalux® LED Phototherapy is an industry leading treatment which uses the power of natural light to promote visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin. 

LED light therapy stimulates collagen and elastin production within the skin and can be used to reduce sun damage, acne and a wide range of dermatological issues.  Dermalux Tri-Wave MD can be used on most skin types and can be booked as a stand-alone treatment or added to our fantastic Elemis facials and Advanced Skincare services to really take them to the next level.

A single treatment will energise the skin cells to revitalising your dull complexion with immediate results.  A course of treatments offers long lasting visible improvements to your skin's health and appearance, stimulating its natural rejuvenation and repair processes to resolve problem skin conditions and promote a vibrant looking complexion.  

  If you are interested in LED skin treatments, book your free consultation by calling 01773 609249 or book online now.

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Dermalux Tri-Wave MD LED Skin Treatments - The Most Advanced Phototherapy Treatment In The World

Dermalux Tri-Wave MD offers the very latest phototherapy skin treatments are world leaders in LED phototherapy and multi-award winners, leading the way in light therapy treatments. A trusted British brand, Dermalux combines clinically proven wavelengths of light with the breakthrough proprietary LED technology to deliver safe and effective results for a wide range of skin concerns without discomfort or downtime.

Dermalux® Tri-Wave MD therapy uniquely delivers simultaneous wavelength treatments which are tailored to your skin condition.   Find out more about this transformational treatment here:

Dermalux LED Therapy - Before and After Results

These before and after images illustrate the outstanding results which can be achieved with Dermalux Tri Wave MD treatments.  Take a look at our social media pages for more examples.

How Does LED Light Therapy Work? 

How does LED Light Therapy work Eastwood Skin ClinicOn a day-to-day basis light therapy, also known as phototherapy occurs naturally all around us.  It is based on on the principle that our cells absorb light, which can have many positive effects on our bodies; it helps us to produce essential vitamin D, triggers growth, promotes wellbeing and makes our skin glow!  

Different wave lengths of light stimulate different effects in the skin. We know that on-going exposure to UV light is very damaging but controlled levels of Red, Blue and Near Infrared light are clinically proven to be beneficial.  A favourite with celebrities, LED Phototherapy is the application of these beneficial wave lengths into the skin’s deepest layers to energise our cells with proven rejuvenating results. 

By emitting different types of light and wavelengths, light therapy can aid your skin in repairing and boosting collagen production. Blue light kills bacteria, red light simulates circulation and encourages healing, while infrared light targets deeper cell layers and is used to treat wrinkles, sagging skin and more. White light penetrates the deepest and is used to tighten the skin and reduce inflammation.  Different wavelengths target different skin concerns all whilst causing no damage to your skin.


What Are The Benefits Of Dermalux LED Light Therapy?

Phototherapy Nottingham ClinicBy delivering combinations of clinically proven Blue, Red and Near Infrared wavelengths to target your specific skin concerns, as follows:

Dermalux® Blue Light Anti-bacterial Action 

  • Treats spots without irritation
  • Improves skin clarity
  • Calming effect for problem skin.

Dermalux® Red Light

  • Boosts collagen and elastin production
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases hydration
  • Evens skin tone and texture
  • Revitalises and restores radiance

Dermalux® Near Infrared Light Advanced Skin Rejuvenation

  • Calms redness and irritation
  • Reduces age spots and pigmentation
  • Restores skin health
  • Ideal for the most sensitive skins.

Dermalux LED : Effective Treatments Treatments For Common Skin Problems 

Through the use of these beneficial light wavelengths and their results, Dermalux Tri-Wave MD medical grade LED Treatments can aid the recovery of and the treatment of the following common skin conditions: 

  • Acne 
  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Psoriasis
  • Uneven Skin Tone and Pigmentation 
  • Sun Damage 
  • Scarring
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Dermalux LED Light Therapy Southampton Aesthetics Clinic

What Can I Expect At My Light Therapy Treatment?

Each treatment lasts for approximately 20 minutes and there is no downtime needed afterwards.   The Dermalux Tri-Wave MD machine has a zero-gravity arm which allows us to place it in exactly the right position.  It includes active air flow technology and air cooling for your comfort during the treatment.

Results are visible immediately after treatment and the benefits will continue to develop after the treatment has finished as the skin's natural production of collagen and elastin has been stimulated.

LED therapy is a comfortable, relaxing treatment with proven mood boosting effects, so book a consultation to find out what a difference it can make to your skin.

Is LED Light Therapy Suitable For Everyone?

Dermalux LED Light Therapy will be of benefit to most people who want to treat scars, fight acne, reduce uneven pigmentation, wrinkles or just generally make their skin look younger and healthier.

If your skin is prone to photosensitivity, we'd recommend consulting your GP first to avoid any reaction. Similarly, if you suffer from epilepsy or porphyria we would recommend checking with a physician first.  If you are pregnant we'd also suggest speaking to your doctor before undergoing LED light therapy.

Book Your Dermalux LED Skin Care Appointment At The Eastwood Retreat

Your LED Therapy can be booked either as a stand alone treatment or as an add-on to other treatments such as chemical peels, microneedling or any of our Elemis facials.

If you are ready for perfect looking skin then book your consultation so we can guide you on the best treatment for your skin! Call us now on 01773 609249 or book online.

LED Light Therapy FAQs

What's the science behind LED light therapy?


LED Phototherapy is the application of beneficial light wave lengths into the skin’s deepest layers to energise our cells with proven rejuvenating results.

The application of light to the skin prompts a natural response similar to that of plant photo-synthesis through a process known as photobiomodulation.  Skin cells that are energised function better and can regenerate up to 200% faster which in turn leads to a more youthful, healthy and radiant complexion.

Is there any downtime after an LED Light Therapy Treatment?


No, light therapy is a gentle, relaxing treatment.   After your treatment you may experience some redness, however, this will only last a few days.

Is LED Light Therapy Safe?


We know that on-going exposure to UV light is very damaging but controlled levels of Red, Blue and Near Infrared light are clinically proven to be beneficial.

By using the very latest generation LED technology, Dermalux® ensures a safe and targeted delivery of light at the optimum intensity for maximum skin enhancing results.

Dermalux® is heat free, chemical free and does not harm the skin. It has an excellent safety profile and is beneficial for all skin types without downtime.

What is Phototherapy?


Phototherapy is another name for LED Light Therapy.  Absorption of light occurs naturally on a day-to-day basis and the skin uses it to fuel natural rejuvenation and repair processes.

Phototherapy is based on this natural processes.  It uses different wave lengths of light to stimulate different effects in the skin.  We know that on-going exposure to UV light is very damaging but controlled levels of Red, Blue and Near Infrared light are clinically proven to be beneficial to the skin.

Is LED Light Therapy a good treatment for acne?


Yes, blue light has an anti-bacterial action, making it a very effective treatment for acne.

Light at this wavelength can treat spots without causing any further irritation, improve skin clarity and calm the skin, reducing redness.

Can LED Light Therapy make my skin look younger?


Yes, the red light therapy has been proven to treat symptoms of aging including fine lines and wrinkles, skin discolouration and age spots.

Red light stimulates skin cells known as fibroblasts.  These help to make collagen, which is part of the skin's natural recovery process and promotes and smoother complexion.

We recommend using the therapy as part of your overall skin care regime, and we can recommend the correct products and treatments to complement your light therapy treatment.

Can Light Therapy be used to treat psoriasis?


While there's no cure for psoriasis, red light therapy has been clinically proven to be helpful in easing the symptoms, including reducing itchiness, flaking and swelling.

How many LED Treatments will I need?


Although you will see immediate and visible results after just one treatment, with LED Phototherapy the results are cumulative and improve over a course of treatments.

For optimum results, we recommend an 8 week programme of 12 treatments  appearance and health of the skin.   The improvements to your skin's health and appearance will last up to 12 weeks following a programme of treatments.  We recommend regular booster treatments after this to maintain the results.