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Hair At The Eastwood Retreat Hairdressers In Eastwood.

At The Eastwood Retreat, we take pride in being the professional and best Hair Salon in Eastwood Nottinghamshire. Our team of highly trained stylists are dedicated to perfecting their craft and offering you the best possible results.

Whether you want the very latest hair look, a fashion hair colour, or beautiful balayage, you can get it all at The Eastwood Retreat.

From short bobbed cuts to flowing long locks, we've got you covered. Take a look at some of our amazing hair transformations and get inspired!

Get the latest hair look with our expert stylists. From trendy pixie cuts to edgy shags, we'll help you find the perfect style that suits your personality.

Enhance your hair with beautiful balayage. Our skilled colorists will create natural-looking highlights that add depth and dimension to your hair.








Balayage Hair Colour at The Eastwood Retreat Hair Salon in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.

We are sure that you have all heard the word balayage, but what exactly does it mean? Balayage is a colour technique that is applied freehand using different shades of light and dark to create the perfect look just for you! This contouring effect creates depth and dimension in your colour, which can be as subtle or dramatic as you like.Although blonde balayage is the most popular style, balayage can be created on red, pastel or grey hair – we can even create balayage with bold fashion colours! At the best salon in Eastwood, we can create the perfect balayage hairstyle, which really reflects your personal style and wishes. At The Eastwood Retreat, we are experts in balayage hair colour and we know how to create the perfect look for you. Our skilled stylists will work with you to understand your desired outcome and customize the balayage technique to suit your hair type and preferences. Whether you want a natural sun-kissed effect or a bold statement, we can make it happen.With our attention to detail and commitment to quality, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques to ensure that you always receive the best service.Experience the difference of the best balayage hair colour in Eastwood. Book an appointment with us today! Does Balayage Work For All Hair Lengths? Balayage is the perfect option for long hair. The delicate highlights create body and movement and show off your long, luscious locks. The style also has the bonus of creating no harsh lines, which allows for more flexibility with your hair colour! Our balayage expert will make the perfect bespoke hair colour for you, adding colour where your hair would naturally catch the sun. But balayage is not only for long hair, it is perfect for shorter hair too! Adding face-framing highlights blended into to a bob or lob can createdimension and depth as well as giving the appearance of more volume. Why Should I Choose Balayage? Balayage is the perfect low-maintenance hair colour option, as you can go longer between appointments, especially if your balayage works with your natural colour. This is achieved because the hand-painted technique avoids any harsh regrowth lines. Balayage is the perfect bespoke hair colour style as there are so many different looks that can be achieved, whatever your hair colour, length, or texture. Book a colour consultation at our Eastwood hair salon to get your balayage journey started! If you're looking for a beautiful and bespoke hair colour, book an appointment at the Eastwood Retreat to start creating your balayage look! Balayage Hair Colour at The Eastwood Retreat Hair Salon in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.


The Best Hair Cuts & Styling In EastwoodAt The Eastwood Retreat Hairdressers

Whether you are looking for a trim or an on-trend haircut at The Eastwood Retreat hairdressers in Nottingham, we understand it is all about you! Our stylist, Liv, really listens so that you can get the hairstyle that is ideally suited for you. We can create classic cuts and styles or fashionable looks, so get in touch to book your consultation online or call 01773 609249. Short Hair Cuts & Styles in Eastwood At The Eastwood Retreat, there is so much choice when it comes to short hairstyles. You can opt for long layers, undercuts, shaved sides, and maybe a pop of fashion colour. At the best hair salon in Eastwood, we want to achieve your perfect look, so book your complimentary consultation so we can work with you to create your new, bold style! Medium Length Hair Cuts and Styles Medium-length hairstyles are great if you want an easy-to-style look so you can look great every day with minimal effort! Put it up to keep it out of the way, or wear it in soft waves for a casual look. Book an appointment at our Eastwood hairdressers, and we can help you achieve the perfect look. Long Hair Style Ideas Looking after your long locks is important to ensure that your hair stays in the best condition, looking glossy and healthy. At The EastwoodRetreat, we recommend regular cuts and treatments to keep your long hair at its very best. As well as keeping your long hair looking fabulous, we can also help with styling, whether it's curly, smooth, natural or if you want to learn how to put your long hair up. There are so many options on how to style your long hair. Please book an appointment with us to start learning new ways to look after and style your hair! Children's Hair Cuts & Styles We understand nothing is better than having a great haircut and style for your children. Liv at The Eastwood Retreat ensures that we create a fun environment where your child can get the latest style at the best price for children's haircuts in Eastwood. Book Your Appointment Now At The Eastwood Retreat Hairdressing Salon If you want a haircut and style that you are listened to and get the perfect look, book your appointment with The EastwoodRetreat in Nottingham online or call 01773 609249 now!


Hair Colour Services At The Eastwood Retreat Hairdressers In Eastwood.

Choosing a new hair colour can be challenging! At our hair salon in Eastwood, our expert colourists use the latest hair colour products, technology, and techniques, so whether you want a whole new look or just to enhance your natural shade, we can create the perfect bespoke hair colour just for you! We work with Matrix products to create vibrant, long-lasting hair colours that will make you stand out. Book your consultation for an in-depth discussion of your hair and the look you want so we can help you decide on the best colour options available. Important Note: You must have an Allergy Patch Test 48 hours before your colour appointment. This takes little time and can be done in your own consultation! The Best Brunettes, Blondes and Red Hair Colour Looks At Our Top Salon InEastwood At the Eastwood Retreat, we are passionate about creating the best possible hair colour look for you! Whether you want to go for a blonde sun-kissed look, go dark with caramel highlights, or go bold with a vibrant red to match your copper tones, our expert colourist will find the perfect shade and tone for you. The options are endless. Get in touch to start your hair colour journey. Highlights & Lowlights Highlights and lowlights can create interest in your natural hair colour. This technique can use various shades to create depth and dimension that work with your natural hair colour. Add money piece highlights at the front to give that wow factor, or bold fashion colours to make you stand out! Ombre & Balayage: What's The Difference? We are sure you have heard about balayage and ombre hair colours, but what is the difference between them? Ombre allows you to keep your natural hair colour at your roots and the colour of your choice at the ends. This is a low-maintenance look, as touch-ups are needed less often than with regular highlights. Balayage is one of the most talked-about hair colour techniques, and it involves hand painting highlights through your hair for a natural-looking sun-kissed style. Vibrant Fashion Colours We love getting creative with hair colour, so whether you're looking for a bold statement style or pretty pastel colours, we can make your hair goals a reality! Book your hair colour consultation at The Eastwood Retreat to learn more about our fashion colour services. Olaplex At The Eastwood Retreat Olaplex is used with your hair colour to keep it in its best condition, reducing dramatically the risk of breakage and weakening during the colour process. This means that drastic colour changes, colouring your hair more often and colour correction are all safer for your hair with Olaplex. Upgrade your hair colour service by requesting Olaplex and experience healthier, stronger hair. Ask your stylist for more information.


Hair Colour Corrections At The Eastwood Retreat Hairdressers In Eastwood.

The Eastwood Retreat Hair Salon, we are highly skilled in correcting hair colour problems.  Your first step is to book a consultation so we can assess your hair colour issue. After this we can come up with a plan that is tailored to your needs, using the best techniques and colour products to resolve your hair colour problem. Please do not be shy or embarrassed. We are used to seeing all sorts of different hair colour problems walk into our hair salon in Eastwood , and you can rest assured you'll walk out with a hair colour you love! Important Note: You will need an Allergy Patch Test at least 48 hours before your colour appointment. This can be carried out during your consultation.


Men's Hair Cuts and Styles At The Eastwood Retreat, Hairdressing Salon in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire

At The Eastwood Retreat, we are highly experienced in creating the latest hairstyles for men, from short back and sides to modern, on-trend styles. Whether you're after a completely new look or just a trim, we can help you get the best men's haircut in Eastwood! Classic Men's Hair Cuts The classic men's haircut, the short back and sides, is a perennial favourite at our Eastwood barbershop, a testament to its timeless appeal and our barbers' mastery of this style. Decide how short you want your hair to be, and we will show you how to style it and advise you on the best products to use between visits! Modern Men's Hair Cuts In Eastwood We love creating different and unique men's hairstyles and keeping up to date with the latest looks. Why not try a fade, skin fade, or buzz cut for a short look? If you like the idea of a longer hairstyle, speak to your stylist about texturised looks that can appear effortless and casual. Book a consultation, and we can help you decide on the best new style. Hair Colour For Men Hair colour is about more than just covering greys or for the ladies anymore! If you fancy a bright fashion colour, going icy blonde, or going dangerously dark, the best men's hair colourists in Eastwood can create the look that is perfect for you. Book your complimentary hair colour consultation to learn more about the options for men's hair colour. Please Note: An Allergy Patch Test is required 48 hours before any colour appointment. It's swift and can be done during your consultation. Book Your Men's Hair Cut Appointment At The Eastwood RetreatEastwood Hair Salon Book an appointment at our Eastwood men's hairdressers if you are looking for a tidy-up or fancy a whole new look. Call now on 01773 609249 or book online


Special Occasion Hairstyles At The Eastwood RetreatHairdressers & Beauty Salon In Eastwood

If you have a prom or fancy event coming up, let the hair specialists at The Eastwood Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon in Eastwood help you look and feel beautiful on your special day! Whether you're a prom queen or party princess or want to look your very best, we can create a beautiful hairstyle for your special occasion. The first step towards gorgeous hair is to book a complimentary hair consultation at The Eastwood Retreat. We will be delighted to discuss ideas for helping you with your hair for any upcoming special events on your social calendar. The Best Hair Upstyles Hair updos remain one of the most requested hairstyles for important events—they really do put the 'special' into a special occasion. Hair updos can be tailored to your personal style or outfit and are incredibly versatile, ranging from sophisticated and elegant to edgy or romantic. Whether you want a relaxed or intricate updo, please book a hair consultation at The Eastwood Retreat. Vintage Hair Ideas For Proms & Parties Vintage hairstyles look great on any length of hair and can be created to complement your party theme. Timeless classics include Hollywood waves, French rolls and pleats, high ponytails and beehives. If your special occasion has a retro theme, chat with us during your complimentary consultation so we can create the perfect vintage hairstyle for you. If you already know what you are going to wear or how your makeup is going to look, make sure you show us some pictures, too. Curly Hairstyles For Special Occasions Wavy hairstyles look effortlessly romantic, which makes them ideal for proms and anniversary parties. Consider wearing your curls cascading down your back or swept to one side. We can also create a half-up, half-down wavy hairstyle where the front is pinned to perfection, and you have wavy hair at the back or over your shoulder. Book A Special Occasion Hair AppointmentAt The Eastwood Retreat Hairdressers in Eastwood Whatever your event, please book a complimentary consultation so we can create a fabulous hairstyle for your big day! Please book an appointment by calling us on 01773 609249 or book online.


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