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At The Eastwood Retreat Hair Salon, we are highly skilled in correcting hair colour problems. 

Your first step is to book a complimentary consultation so we can assess your hair colour issue.  After this we can come up with a plan that is tailored to your needs, using the best techniques and colour products to resolve your hair colour problem.

Please do not be shy or embarrassed.  We are used to seeing all sorts of different hair colour problems walk into our hair salon in Eastwood, and you can rest assured you'll walk out with a hair colour you love! 

Important Note: You will need an Allergy Patch Test at least 48 hours before your colour appointment.  This can be carried out during your complimentary consultation.

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Changing Your Hair Colour

As hair colour experts we have spent years learning the art of hair colouring so if you are thinking of changing your hair colour, it really is worth visiting a five star salon like The Eastwood Retreat.

For those who want to change their hair colour from brunette to blonde, it takes so much more than adding bleach!  We can help you achieve the results you desire by assessing every section of your hair before applying the right shades and tones.

Plus, we will always protect the health and integrity of your hair during the colouring process to ensure you get the best possible results. 

Book in for a colour consultation so we can assess your hair, explain the process and timings and give you a no-obligation quote.

Correcting Brassy Hair Tones

No one should have to put up with hair colour that is brassy, dull, or has ugly bands of overlapping colour. Let the skilled hair colour specialists in Eastwood help.  We will treat each section of hair appropriately to ensure you end up with a beautiful shade and an even hair colour! 

We can also fix a wide range of other common hair colour problems including blonde hair with green tones, brunette to blonde hair dyes that have turned orange, over-bleached hair and roots that no longer match the rest of your hair colour. 

Avoid Balayage Hair Colour Issues

Many people fall into the trap of thinking balayage is an easy look to achieve at home.  If you have tried to do a balayage hair colour at home without success, it's time to visit the hair colour experts at The Eastwood Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon.

Balayage is actually a complex hair colouring technique where harmonious shades of colour are blended and woven into your hair to give you a sun-kissed effect.  We also blend the colour so it is slightly darker towards the roots to give you a natural-looking 'grown out' look rather than a harsh root regrowth line.

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Box Dye Hair Colour Disasters

It looks so easy on TV when the model changes her hair colour by opening a box dye and applying the mixture.  Sadly, at home hair dyes do not always go to plan.  If you’ve dyed your hair at home and it hasn’t turned out like the picture on the box…we can fix it! 

Depending on your hair colour issues, you may need to come in for more than one colour correction appointment - but we will explain everything during your consultation.  

Repairing Over-Bleached Hair

We may recommend a hair treatment such as the incredible Olaplex to improve the condition of damaged hair.  We can add Olaplex into the hair colouring process to strengthen weak or damaged hair.  In fact, we highly recommend you upgrade to an Olaplex treatment every time you have a dramatic hair colour change or when you lighten your hair.  Your hair will look and feel much healthier afterwards.

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Our expert colourist Liv will be happy to help with your hair colour.  She can correct colour issues as well as creating whatever colour you desire! Book your appointment on 01773 609249 or book online here