We have a growing reputation as the go-to salon for male grooming in Eastwood.

Our treatments include advanced treatments to reduce lines, wrinkles, blemishes and acne that are specifically tailored to male skin. 

We are also able to offer no needle mesotherapy to tackle a number of complaints that frequently effect men, including dandruff control and hair loss issues. 

We are also your go-to salon for waxing for men with a team who are experts in intimate waxing. 

Needle-free Mesotherapy for hairloss £129.99
Eye Contour Treatment £80
Hollywood £49
Brazilian £49
Sack & crack, buttock cheeks, crack and scrotum £40
Groin scrotum and pubic triangle £40
Pubic triangle £26
Buttocks & crack £31.50
Buttock cheeks only £18
Speedo trunk line £20
Chest wax £20
Ear and nose wax £15