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Mole Removal At The Eastwood Retreat Skin Clinic Near Nottingham

At The Eastwood Retreat aesthetics clinic near Nottingham we use the very latest Advanced Cosmetic Procedures to remove unsightly moles and skin tags.

Moles come in various shapes and sizes, but are usually small coloured spots on the skin caused by clusters of pigmented cells.   They can appear anywhere on the body and can be raised or flat.  Most people have moles, and they are usually nothing to worry about unless they change colour, size or texture.  See our note below on this.

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Safe And Effective Mole Removal With Advanced Electrolysis

At our Eastwood skin clinic we are experts in the latest Advanced Cosmetic Procedures.  Sometimes known as Advanced Electrolysis or Advanced Diathermy, ACP uses electro micro surgery for the safe and effective removal of common skin blemishes.  This is technologically advanced treatment can rid you of unsightly moles whilst leaving little or no scarring.  

During your ACP treatment we will use a very fine probe, through which a tiny electrical current is discharged.  This cauterises the blood vessels around the blemish, causing it to dry up and disappear.   After the treatment, the skin will begin its natural healing process.   The dead skin cells which were treated with the electrical current will eventually flake off in the same way that that a cut or graze heals.  In some cases the treated area may scab over and you can expect to see some redness after the initial treatment.

During the treatment you can expect to feel a mild stinging sensation, which patients report is slightly uncomfortable, but easily tolerable.

Before And After Mole Removal Treatment

 The image at the top of the page shows the results we achieved for one of our patients using Sterex Advanced Diathermy (ACP).  The two images were taken 5 months apart, after 3 treatments, costing just £75 per session.  

Book A Mole Removal Treatment At The Eastwood Retreat

Mole removal using advanced electrolysis is a great value treatment which delivers safe and effective results.  To book a mole removal consultation, call our Eastwood skin clinic on 01773 609249 or book online.

Important Note:

When considering mole removal it is vital that you ensure that the mole is benign and safe to remove via a cosmetic procedure.  Changes in the shape, colour or texture of your moles can be an indication that they have become cancerous, in which case it is extremely important to get a prompt diagnosis.   

If you are in any doubt about moles or any other lesions on your skin, we recommend that you consult your own GP as soon as possible.