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The Best Manicures & Pedicures At The Eastwood Retreat Beauty Salon In Eastwood.

Nothing can make you feel more confident than fresh, perfect nails, and at our Eastwood nail bar, we pride ourselves on offering the best manicures and pedicures in Eastwood.


Whether you want natural-looking, neat nails with a nude colour or French polish, a bold colour with sparkle, or a dramatic set of long nails, our skilled nail technicians can create them for you.


If you're looking for the best nail services in Eastwood, call us now on 01773 609249 or book online.


Manicures & Nail Extensions At The Eastwood Retreat


Treat yourself to a luxury manicure and our expert beauty therapists will shape and strengthen your nails, leaving them looking perfect and polished. We can create any look you wish for your nails, whether you wish for them to be natural, neutral or bold. Whatever you choose, we know how much better your hands will look and feel when they've been given.


CND Shellac Manicure.

Do you wish your nails were a little bit longer? If so, we can help with gel overlays for damage-free length. Call now to book your appointment at The Eastwood Retreat for perfect, long, and strong nails!


The Best Pedicures in Nottinghamshire

Remember your feet! There is nothing more pampering than a pedicure, and at the best nail salon in Eastwood, we can guarantee that after one ofour Spa Pedicures, your feet will be left feeling refreshed and ready to be on show.


We can use gel nail polish for long-lasting results for weeks after your visit. It's essential to have regular pedicures to keep your skin smooth and soft and to keep your nails in good condition. Please speak to our expert therapists, who can advise on the best way to look after your feet 

.ELIM Medi Spa Treatments For Hands & Feet

Are your hands and feet in need of some real TLC?


At our Eastwood salon, we're delighted to offer a new scientific solution to creating and maintaining beautiful hands and feet.


The Elim MediHand System was specifically designed to help ageing and pigmented hands. This new generation manicure is used in leading spasaround the world and uses specially selected ingredients to strengthen and sustain the skin's own abilities to heal itself. Through carefully combined vitamins and minerals, these nourishing products are formulated to help reverse the signs of sun damage and ageing.


The Elim MediHeel Pedicure is a super therapeutic treatment for the feet that offers long-lasting results. The treatment focuses on dry areas around the heel and hydrating the nails and cuticles. If you are suffering from common foot problems such as fungal infections or yellowing nails, this superior treatment is the one to choose for transforming your feet.


Gel Nails and Shellac

For a manicure or pedicure that really lasts, book a gel nails appointment at The Eastwood Retreat. We use products from CND Shellac and The GelBottle because they both provide long-lasting colour which doesn't chip or smudge. This means your stunning gel nails will last for up to 14 days if taken care of properly!

Also, if you're in a rush, you'll still have time for a quick nail appointment at our beauty salon near Nottingham because this nail polish dries instantly using safe UV technology so that you can be a gorgeous girl on the go.

The Gel Bottle BIAB


Our secret for creating a gel polish manicure that remains chip-free and still allows your natural nails to grow is The Gel Bottle's BIAB, or Builder In A Bottle™. 

This fantastic product includes a primer and base in one. It allows your nails to stay strong, so they are much less likely to break, and the polish remains intact. The Gel Bottle BIAB comes in a wide range of colours, so you can still get the colour for your manicure that you want!

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