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Plason Plasma Acne Treatments Nottingham skin clinic

The Latest Acne Treatments at The Eastwood Retreat Skin Clinic Near Nottingham

Acne is a very common condition, with some studies showing it affects up to 85% of people at some stage during their life.   Although it’s often associated with the hormonal changes of the teenage years, acne in adults is on the rise.  Adult skin is different to teenage skin because it is less oily and the cells shed and renew at a slower rate.  This means that products designed to tackle teenage acne are often too harsh for adult skin and can cause irritation and dryness.  

In addition, certain drugs prescribed for acne, such as roaccutane, can leave the skin highly sensitive and dry, even several weeks after finishing your course, ruling out many common skincare solutions.

That's why we're delighted to introduce the very latest in acne treatment technology to our skin clinic near Nottingham: Plason.   This award-winning FDA registered device uses advanced cold plasma technology.  Plason is designed to sterilise the skin, remove bacteria and germs, and aid in transdermal absorption within the skin, in order to stimulate skin regeneration and boost collagen for clearer, healthier, firmer skin.

This revolutionary, clinically proven system is safe to be used, even if you are taking roacctuane and it is a real game-changer in the treatment of acne and for overall skin health.

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How Does Plason Fight Acne?

Plason is a CE & FDA aproved device that uses a new, advanced plasma technology.   This state of the art treatment uses electrical energy and ionised gas to stimulate the production of collagen and fibroblasts in the skin, which maintain the structural integrity and connective tissues within the body as a whole.

In addition, clinical evidence has shown that Plason is proven to fight active acne by sterilising the skin and removing bacteria, thus breaking the acne cycle.  The plasma energy ionises free-radicals on the skin caused by everyday environmental pollutants which can exacerbate acne, including traffic pollution and cigarette smoke.

 The treatment also aids the absorption of skin care serums, stimulating skin regeneration and boosting collagen for clearer, healthier, firmer skin.

Plason Plasma Treatments For Menopausal Skin

This unique plasma treatment can also offer benefits to aging skin.  By boosting collagen production and improving elasticity, it can help to reduce wrinkles, tighten sagging skin and improve radiance.

What To Expect From A Plason Treatment

You can expect to experience no pain, side effects or downtime with Plason.  This non-invasive treatment is suitable for all skin types and there are no age restrictions, meaning it can be used by adolescents and adults alike.

Clients report an immediate improvement in facial tone and hydration, with improved skin texture, brightness and pore size over time.

Plason Acne Treatment Nottingham Skin Clinic Before and After

Before and After Plason Acne Treatments

Plason has been proven to be an effective treatment for active acne, skin regeneration, collagen remodelling, sebum reduction, scarring and skin pigmentation problems

These images show the outstanding results achieved for this patient suffering from acne after just 3 treatment sessions for this client suffering from acne.