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Broken Capillaries Telanglectasis

  • 30 min
  • 75 British pounds
  • Location 1

Service Description

The Name originates from Greece and means ‘end vessel dilation’. Often refereed to a ‘broken capillaries’which is not correct, they are actually permanently dilated capillaries. The thin, singular cell wall structure of the fine facial capillaries dilate and constrict constantly in order to control the body temperature and their elasticity weakens and they can become permanently dilated. This is then exacerbated by the skin naturally breaking down as we age and the supporting network of collagen and elastin being less efficient Telangiectasia can appear due to a number of contributing factors including: hereditary and genetic causes, pregnancy ageing, , , hormones, general skin fragility, extreme sports, smoking, temperature extremes and harsh weather exposure. They are very commonly seen in a English rose complexion on a more mature client We recommend a course of advanced electrolysis for telangiectasia so that treatments can be spaced out to allow for skin healing and to prevent hyper-pigmentation. Both Thermolysis (Heat) and blend methods can be used, but the latter is only taught by a few specialists in this field. Diathermy is more commonly used, which involves a very accurate positioning of the probe over the blood vessel and a gentle tap that applies current to the skin’s surface. This causes that tiny section of vessel to immediately disappear. Treatment sessions are usually for example 15 minutes per cheek. Although not considered a cause of telangiectasia, rosacea (and the medication for it) may be a related factor, with the two conditions often presenting simultaneously. Reducing the appearance of the blood vessels using electrolysis may initially trigger a rosacea attack. However this is relatively rare and only a temporary consequence of the long-term positive results. Please get in touch and email photos to prior to booking an appointment. Please let us know if you are taking any medication or if you have any medical conditions so we can ensure suitability for treatment Price includes a post treatment check up

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