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See Beneath the Surface Of Your Skin
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Do you know your real skin age?  It can be difficult to tell from the surface, but with our new skin analysis system, we can detect problems in the dermis and epidermis layers of your skin so we can provide targeted treatments.

Our Zemits Skin Analysis system is the most modern equipment in the industry for analysing facial skin as well as displaying and comparing results.  It uses the latest spectral imaging technology in combination with artificial intelligence plus image analysis to provide effective results in just 15 seconds.

Based on the results of over 12 years of testing and 300 trials, this outstanding system is now available at our Eastwood skin clinic.  Call us on 01773 609249 for more information or to book.

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Benefits of Skin Analysis

  • Our Zemits Skin Analyser can detect 12 common skin problems inlcuding pore enlargement, acne, developing wrinkles, skin texture or future development of wrinkles, sebum secretion, pigmentation, skin hydration, sensitivity, cell metabolism, UV damage, skin aging and skin condition improvement.   This allows us to provide targeted treatments for your skin concerns.
  • You will be able to visibly see the results at your initial analysis then monitor progress once you have started treatment.
  • We can ensure that the products we offer are precisely based on an accurate analysis of your skin concerns for optimum results.

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To find out more about your skin and begin your journey to a fresher, younger looking complexion call our Eastwood skin clinic on 01773 609249.

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