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Chemical Skin Peels At The Eastwood Retreat Salon In Nottingham

Rejuvenate your skin & restore that youthful glow with a chemical skin peel at The Eastwood Retreat Beauty Salon in Nottinghamshire. We may not have the secret to turning back time, or the elixir from the fountain of youth…but we think we have the best skin peels in Nottingham, which is the next best thing!

At The Eastwood Retreat, we offer bespoke facials that help to resolve your own personal, individual skin complaints. So, whether you’re looking to reduce fine lines, hoping to minimise open pores, erase dark under-eye circles, or battle acne breakouts…we will create the perfect skin peel plan tailored to you & your needs.

We use the finest eKseption skincare and cosmeceuticals to offer clinically proven facial techniques, that will help boost your confidence – helping you to look and feel good! In fact, our clients enjoy immediate & visible results with our Advanced Skincare Treatments in Eastwood.

Your facial will always begin with a thorough consultation, where we’ll talk you through exactly what we’re going to do, how the treatment will feel & the results you can expect.

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What Is A Chemical Peel?

eKseption Skin Peels Eastwood Nottingham Aesthetics ClinicA chemical peel is a clinically proven way to improve your skin’s texture & tone. This involves safely applying a special type of acid to the skin which will lower your skin’s pH, resulting in the exfoliation of dead skin cells which are no longer needed, while stimulating the growth of new skin cells (which is what gives you that gorgeous glow!).

The reason this treatment is called a chemical peel or skin peel is because the process causes the top layers of old dead skin cells to peel off which reveals a smoother, brighter, rejuvenated complexion underneath.

Take a look at these exceptional results we achieved for a client at our Eastwood clinic.


The Best Skin Peels At Top Nottinghamshire Beauty Salon

At The Eastwood Retreat Salon in Nottinghamshire, we only use the top quality products to provide you with the best services & results. This is why we use eKseption products for our chemical peels because they are a premium, professional brand & their skincare products are created by skincare experts!

The eKseption chemical peel products are based on organic acids which are combined with powerful active ingredients to help give your skin that healthy glow.  We offer a wide range of different peels and can create a bespoke treatment for your own particular skin concerns.

The Benefits of A Chemical Peel

There are so many benefits to getting a chemical skin peel that the list is almost endless! Our eKseption skin peel treatments can:

  • Improve your skin’s tone, texture & firmness,
  • Remove dead skin cells,
  • Reduce blemishes & pigmentation,
  • Decrease fine lines & wrinkles,
  • Enhance the brightness of your skin,
  • Improve the appearance of acne & rosacea,
  • Reduce the size of enlarged pores.

What Results Can I Expect From An eKseption Skin Peel?

Take a look at these results achieved with eKseption chemical skin peels for some of our lovely clients at our Eastwood beauty salon.   We will always use the most appropriate eKseption peel for your particular skin concerns, following a thorough consultation.

In the first image, using a Soft Touch peel, the skin is re hydrated and pigmentation more even.  In the second image a Lacto peel was used to improve the appearance of acne on this client's skin.   In the third image, an eKseption Ferulic Peel was combined with a Dermalux LED treatment to help clear this client's issues with uneven pigmentation.

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Enjoy the benefits of the best chemical peels in Nottinghamshire at The Eastwood Retreat Salon. Book your consultation today by calling us on 01773 609249 or book online.