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Treat Skin Tags With Advanced Cosmetic Procedures at The Eastwood Retreat Skin Clinic Near Nottingham

Skin tags are harmless but they can be unsightly.  If you are affected by this common skin condition, book an appointment at our Eastwood Skin Clinic, where we can remove them using Advanced Cosmetic Procedures.

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What Are Skin Tags?

Skin Tags are a common fibrous skin condition often found in areas where your skin is subject to repeated rubbing, including the armpits, under the breasts, groin or around the neck where necklaces or collars may irritate. 

They often appear with a narrow "neck", rather like a mushroom, and can vary in size from a tiny speck to the size of a large pea or even bigger.  Whilst they are not infectious they can tend to appear in patches on some people, who can find they suffer from hundreds of them. 

Skin Tag Removal Eastwood Nottingham aesthetics clinic

How Are Skin Tags Treated With Advanced Cosmetic Procedures?

Skin tags are quickly and easily treated using Advanced Cosmetic Procedures.  Also known as Advanced Electrolysis or Advanced Diathermy, Advanced Cosmetic Procedures use electro micro surgery to rid you unsightly skin blemishes with minimal or no scarring.   The treatment uses a very fine probe, through which a tiny electrical current is passed.  This cauterises the blood vessels around the skin tag causing it to dry up and disappear. 

 We may use slightly different techniques depending on the treatment area.  In the case of small tags (e.g. between the eyelashes) the heat generated by the probe may lift off the tag immediately.  For larger tags, the electrical current will be used to cut off the blood supply to the tag, resulting in it shrivelling and being sloughed off a day or two later.  We may also use tweezers to remove the tag after the electrical current has been applied.

After treatment the skin's natural healing process will kick in and the dead skin cells around the treatment area will flake off and any redness will subside.

Book A Skin Tag Removal Procedure at The Eastwood Retreat

Book an appointment at our beauty salon and skin care clinic near Nottingham and we will assess your skin and develop a treatment plan.  Call us on 01773 609249 to find out more and book.

Please Note : Remember to allow time for a patch test before your treatment.  This will be carried out at your consultation.