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Thread Vein Treatments at Skin Specialist Clinic – The Eastwood Retreat Near Nottingham

Thread Vein Removal Eastwood Nottingham Aesthetics ClinicTelangiectasias is a condition commonly known as thread veins, spider veins or broken veins. These are small clusters of permanently dilated or broken blood vessels that most commonly appear on the face or legs. 

Veins and blood vessels deliver a healthy blood supply to the skin but, when they develop too close to the surface, they can cause superficial marks and blemishes.  They are not usually harmful, but can look unsightly.  

The highly trained skin specialists at The Eastwood Retreat near Nottingham can improve the appearance of these unsightly red veins, usually completely removing them, using advanced diathermy treatments.

To treat your thread veins at our aesthetics clinic in Eastwood, please book a consultation by calling 01773 609249.

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Advanced Cosmetic Procedures for Removing Thread Veins 

Spider Vein Removal Eastwood Skin ClinicAt The Eastwood Retreat we use electro micro surgery procedures, also known as Advanced Electrolysis and Advanced Diathermy, for the treatments of common skin blemishes including thread veins.

The treatment utilises a very fine probe through which a tiny electrical current is discharged.  During treatment the probe is carefully positioned over the blood vessel and the electrical current applied to the skin’s surface.  This causes that tiny section of vessel to disappear immediately. Treatment sessions are usually 15 minutes per cheek.

We recommend a course of advanced electrolysis treatments for telangiectasia, with the treatments spaced out to allow for skin healing and to prevent hyper-pigmentation.

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