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Waxing Hair Removal At Eastwood Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon 

Feel silky smooth & beautiful with the best waxing hair removal services in Nottingham at Eastwood Retreat Salon. Our highly trained beauty therapists have worked hard to master the art of pain-free waxing. We can safely & efficiently remove hair from the legs, arms and bikini line, and we also offer intimate waxing such as Brazilian Wax & Hollywood Wax.

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Waxing Services For Hair Removal

At Eastwood Retreat Salon in Nottinghamshire, our waxing services are guaranteed to provide you with an instant smooth & clean finish. Waxing involves stripping the hair directly from the root for efficient temporary hair removal. Our professional beauty therapists offer a discreet service where we will make you feel as comfortable as possible.

There are many benefits to waxing, such as the fact that regular waxing reduces regrowth! The hair that does grow back is also usually much softer & finer than the hair that grows back from shaving or hair removal creams. Depending on your hair’s regrowth cycle, our clients tend to see hair regrowth from waxing after 4-6 weeks, which is when we recommend you come back into our Eastwood salon for another waxing service!

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As the wax experts in Nottingham, at Eastwood Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon, we only use the best waxing products to provide you with top hair-free results. For hair removal on your arms, legs & back, we use PHD Safe Wax which is a warm wax treatment. This involves your beauty therapist applying the professional warm PHD Safe Wax to your skin with a spatula & then removing it with a paper strip (also known as strip waxing).

For intimate waxing, such as the Hollywood or Brazilian wax, we use hot wax from Waxperts. Hot wax works at a slightly higher temperature than warm wax & we use it on intimate areas as hot wax makes shorter, stubborn hairs easier to remove. As the hot wax cools it becomes firmer & so can get a better grip on short hair until the wax becomes softer & this is when it can quickly be ripped off the skin, bringing those stubborn short hairs with it. It is also more comfortable for hair removal around these sensitive areas, & your comfort is our top priority!

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Top Tips For The Best Waxing Hair Removal Results

Before arriving at Eastwood Retreat Salon in Nottingham for your appointment, make sure the area you want to be waxed is clean & moisturised. Then, exfoliate & moisturise the area between your waxing treatments. Let your hair grow for at least three weeks before booking in for another waxing service. Stick to these top tips for the best waxing hair removal results at our Eastwood salon!

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Feel fabulous with silky smooth, hair-free skin by booking a waxing appointment at Eastwood Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon in Nottingham. Book your appointment now by calling us on 01773 609249 or book online.